Amphion Argon 3S


Amphion Argon 3S is a superb monitor loudspeaker, it has a contemporary look and exceptionally natural tonality

With the Argon3S, we bring to home environment the same technologies which allow sound engineers and artists to “see” deeper into their own music. Now, studio monitoring technologies are within reach of music lovers, who want to hear their favorite music as the artist intended.

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Amphion Argon 3S

Bookshelf loudspeakers provide home audio enthusiasts with an unprecedented level of naturalness, musicality, life-like imaging, precision and detail, which professionals in recording and mastering studios utilize daily to produce the magic for music lovers all over the world.

Due to Amphion’s signature “low 1600 Hz crossover”, Argon 3S’s high resolution tweeter blends effortlessly with the light, rigid, fast aluminum woofer. Low crossover point and carefully-considered driver placement form a point source, and keep sound reproduction cohesive and seamless throughout the full frequency spectrum.

The controlled dispersion ensures that Amphion Argon 3S speakers work well in all rooms and provide a broad, even, room-wide “sweet-spot” for equal music enjoyment. The passive radiator eliminates the problems associated with vented enclosures, allows for placing the speaker close to room boundaries, creates a tight, tuneful bass, and produces an amazingly pure, natural mid-range.

To ensure that the fruits of this innovative acoustic engineering will be fully enjoyed, Argon3S utilizes silver-plated pure copper internal wiring and Argento Audio’s binding posts, resulting in a smooth, flawless signal transfer.

Audition Argon3S bookshelf loudspeakers, and prepare yourself for countless hours of listening pleasure, while discovering new details and nuances even in your favourite songs you thought you knew by heart.

 Technical specifications

Operating principle:  2-way, passive radiator

Tweeter:  1″ titanium

Mid / woofer:  6,5″ aluminium

Crossover point:  1600 Hz

Impedance:  8 Ω

Sensitivity:  87 dB

Frequency response:  30 – 25.000 Hz +/- 6dB

Power recommendation:  20 – 150 W

Measurements (h x w x d):  380 x 191 x 305 mm

Weight:  12 kg


Monochrome: full white, standard white, white with black grids, black

Veneer: walnut



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