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Showing all 2 results

  • Digital Interconnects

    Inakustik Premium Optical high-performance Toslink cable

    Inakustik Premium Optical

    Inakustik Premium Optical is a high-performance optical interconnect at a very reasonable price, it uses cutting-edge materials and manufacturing technologies.

    The Premium Inakustik Optical cable consists of high-quality nylon fibre and precisely itting Toslink plug. For connecting digital audio sources such as CD, DVD, Blu-ray players or game consoles to AV receivers, etc.

  • Interconnects

    Inakustik Premium RCA

    Inakustik Premium RCA are high-quality great-value interconnects, perfect for multi-channel installations as well as entry-level stereo systems.

    The Premium audio cable is impressive with its high copper content for powerful sound. The double shielding protects against interference. The double mono structure ensures optimal channel separation and better electronic properties.

    Priced per pair.