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Showing all 9 results

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    Qobuz Music Streaming

    Qobuz is the worlds ultimate music streaming service and we use it extensively at Audiologica when carrying out customer demos on our high-end systems.

    Simply visit and receive one months free Qobuz Studio streaming plus a free hi-res sample album download

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    NAD RM 720

    NAD RM 720

    NAD RM 720 is a custom-install rack system Bluesound CI 720 zone amplifiers.

    Forged to house one of NAD’s most crucial CI products to date, the RM 720 Rack System is an integral component to any custom home audio system. To properly contain CI 720, NAD created the RM 720, …

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    NAD CS1 Network Streamer

    NAD CS1

    The NAD CS1 is simple network streamer that will add streaming capability  to most hi-fi amplifiers either via it’s analogue RCA or digital outputs. It offers great value for money and superb sound quality.

    The NAD CS1 is not a Bluesound device.

    There are many ways to play music through the NAD CS1 Endpoint Network Streamer. …

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    Bluesound Pulse Sub Plus

    Bluesound Pulse Sub +

    The Bluesound Pulse Sub + is a high-power audiophile subwoofer, part of the brilliantly flexible Bluesound range. High performance at a reasonable price with a simple intuitive user-interface.

    Bring your listening experience to the next level with the PULSE SUB+ wireless powered subwoofer. Designed to be used with Bluesound wireless speakers, amplifiers and streamers, this subwoofer …

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    Silent Angel Munich M1T Streaming Bridge

    Silent Angel Munich M1T

    Silent Angel M1T Server is a high performance audiophile server at a great price, its glossy user-interface is simple to use and operates flawlessly!

    The Silent Angel M1T is fully Roon certified and can also be used with it’s dedicated app.

    Due to global supply chain issues, please call us before purchase as stock levels may fluctuate.

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    NAD CI 720 Bluesound Zone Amplifier

    NAD CI 720 is an custom-install Bluesound zone amplifier, high-performance amplification and refinement make it ideal for any audiophile installation.

    The NAD CI 720 is the perfect solution for adding a powered zone for network audio. With the ability to support up to 64 zones, the CI 720 provides easy access to …

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    Bluesound Pulse Soundbar + Plus audiophile soundbar

    Bluesound Pulse Soundbar +

    A brilliantly flexible and powerful soundbar.  High performance at a reasonable price with a simple intuitive user-interface.

    Raise your expectations with the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ featuring Dolby Atmos*, the ultimate audiophile-grade soundbar for all your home entertainment needs.

    Coming in June!

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    CD PlayersMusic Streaming

    Bluesound Vault 2i

    Bluesound Vault 2i

    A superb little streamer/ripper/vault! Great performance at a reasonable price with a brilliant user-interface.

    Rip it. Download it. Store it. The VAULT 2i lets you rip all your CDs rapidly in bit-perfect, high-resolution formats. Store thousands of tracks on its internal ultra-quiet 2TB hard-drive that …

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    NAD CI 580 Bluesound hub

    NAD CI 580

    NAD CI 580 is an amazing Bluesound hub control centre with 4 stereo zones installed, delivering complete home audio in a compact and economical package.

    Unleashing the power of BluOS® to its fullest potential, the CI 580 BluOS Network Music Player combines four stereo zones into one compact 1U rack space. Available as a digital …