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Showing all 20 results

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    Campfire Audio Time Stream Metal

    Campfire Audio Time Stream Metal cable

    Campfire Audio Time Stream Metal is a high-quality earphone cable with MMCX designed for Campfire earphones but will fit many earphones with MMCX connectors.

    Step up your audio game with the Time Stream – Metal Series Cables. This premium edition features all the sonic excellence of our Chromatic Series, enhanced by …

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    Astell&Kern AK HC2

    The Astell&Kern AK HC2 

    The Astell&Kern HC2 PEE52 DAC/amp is a high-powered device that will work brilliantly with Android and Apple devices

    High-resolution sound on streaming services allows you to fully appreciate the rich tones and emotional nuance of your music.

    The HC2 has a …

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    Astell&Kern AK HC3

    The Astell&Kern AK HC3

    Astell&Kern AK HC3 PEE53 DAC/amp is a powerful high resolution DAC dongle that will work seamlessly with Android and Apple devices.

    Astell&Kern offers a Hi-Fi USB DAC cable product range for a true Hi-Fi experience on the go.

    Designed to minimise …

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    Technics EAH-AZ80

    Technics EAH-AZ80 earphones

    Technics EAH-AZ80 is an audiophile high-end true wireless earphone at a great price, very high performance and brilliant connectivity ensure it’s one of the best wireless earphones on the market.

    AZ80’s large 10mm drivers, special acoustic structure and category-leading noise cancellation give you exceptional Technics sound – wherever your day takes you. With beautifully crafted …

  • AmplifiersDACs

    ifi GO Pod

    ifi GO Pod

    The ifi GO Pod is a unique and innovative product from ifi Audio, it’s a pair of audiophile over-ear wireless amplifiers that work in conjunction with your favourite IEM’s to offer a powerful and flexible solution for music on the go!

    The GO pod ­is a pair of wearable Bluetooth DAC/headphone amps designed to make any pair …

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    Campfire Audio Cascara

    Campfire Audio Cascara with 4.4mm cable

    Campfire Audio Cascara is a superb entry-model into the world of Campfire Audio earphones, it has a full-range advanced dynamic driver and offers amazing performance at a realistic price.

    For the discerning audiophile and live music enthusiast, Cascara offers an auditory journey like no other. Experience acoustic intricacies and live performance energy through a meticulously …

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    Astell&Kern AK PA10

    The Astell&Kern AK PA10

    Astell&Kern AK PA10 amp is a powerful high-end class-A headphone amplifier that will effortlessly drive almost any headphones with finesse and refinement.

    The First Class-A Portable AMP by Astell&Kern

    Astell&Kern has been researching and developing AMP technology to deliver the pure original sound of audio. The Astell&Kern AK PA10 is the …

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    Meze Advar earphones

    Meze Advar 

    Meze Advar are beautifully designed single-driver earphones – a true audiophile classic that sounds as good as it looks.

    A perfect blend of function and design, ADVAR delivers a powerful, detailed lifelike sound from a jewel-like stainless steel casing.

    In ancient Romanian folklore an Advar is a kind of talisman or amulet – a symbol of good luck and …

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    Campfire Audio Ponderosa

    Campfire Audio Ponderosa with 4.4mm cable

    Campfire Audio Ponderosa is an advanced balanced-armature earphone, built to exacting standards it sounds amazing and offers great value.

    For discerning listeners seeking precision and sophistication: Ponderosa’s five balanced armatures offer unparalleled audio clarity in a masterfully crafted body, transforming your music into captivating portraits of sound.

    Special Order green edition takes around 2 weeks to …

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    Campfire Audio Fathom

    Campfire Audio Fathom with 4.4mm and 3.5mm cable

    Campfire Audio Fathom is a brilliant six-driver earphone, it has a full-range balanced-armature drivers and offers stunning performance at a realistic price.

    Fathom by Campfire Audio is an earphone made for audiophiles. Six custom-made balanced armatures deliver a detailed presentation with just the right touch of mid-band warmth that elevates vocal performance and …

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    64 Audio U4s

    64 Audio U4s

    The 64 Audio U4s deliver high-performance audiophile sound at a very reasonable price. They are lightweight and comfortable, great for long listening sessions!

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    Astell&Kern AK Zero2

    Astell&Kern AK Zero2

    The Astell&Kern AK Zero2 are designed and built by Astell&Kern and hand-built by experts in Japan!

    The AK ZERO2, a stunning pair of Quad driver in-ear monitors (IEM) that redefine precision design and performance at this level.

    Handcrafted in Japan and clad in Astell&Kern’s signature angled aluminium, the AK ZERO2 earphones combine 4 different types of driver technology to optimise …

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    Campfire Audio Supermoon

    Campfire Audio Supermoon with 4.4mm cable

    Campfire Audio Supermoon is an advanced planar magnetic earphone, built to exacting standards it sounds amazing and offers great value.

    Supermoon’s custom 14mm planar magnetic driver delivers unmatched versatility and speed. It is adored across all musical genres, making it the go-to earphone for listeners with diverse musical tastes who also demand exceptional sonic fidelity.

    Special Order …

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    64 Audio U6t

    64 Audio U6t

    The 64 Audio U6t deliver a high-performance 6-driver audiophile sound at a very reasonable price. They are lightweight and comfortable, great for long …

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    Campfire Audio Bonneville

    Campfire Audio Bonneville with 4.4mm cable

    Campfire Audio Bonneville is an advanced hybrid earphone, built to exacting standards it sounds amazing and offers great value. 

      Built for the ultimate audiophile: Bonneville combines cutting-edge hybrid technology with artistic design to guide you through a symphonic journey, unravelling the intricate layers of your favourite music with unparalleled precision.

      Special Order pink edition takes around …

    • DAPsEarphones

      Astell&Kern Pathfinder

      The Astell&Kern Pathfinder

      The Astell&Kern Pathfinder is a brilliant earphone collaboration with Campfire Audio, high end sound at a realistic price.

      The Hybrid IEM Redefined

      Campfire Audio and Astell&Kern have earned the recognition of audiophiles around the world thanks to their excellent technology introduced with …

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      64 Audio Volur

      64 Audio Volur
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      Campfire Audio Trifecta Chrome Sky

      Campfire Audio Trifecta Chrome Sky

      Campfire Audio Trifecta Chrome Sky is the ultimate Campfire IEM a superb sounding, drop-dead gorgeous audiophile masterpiece!

      Trifecta envelops the listener in rich, towering waves of sonic impact. Its stunning presentation and head-turning style produce an astounding experience in form, function, and aesthetic. Optically clear nylon housing provides a window to its internal components, revealing …

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      Empire Ears Raven

      Empire Ears Raven

      Empire Ears Raven is the pinnacle of the Empire Ears range and demonstrates a culmination of years of research, progress and know-how. The result is a superb high-end in-ear-monitor that will challenge the world’s best earphones regardless of price.

      Empire Ears present their latest flagship in-ear monitor design packed with an immersive 12-driver strong Quadbrid …

    • DAPsEarphones

      Astell&Kern Aura earphones

      Astell&Kern Aura

      The Astell&Kern Aura is a world class in-ear monitor designed and built in conjunction with Vision Ears in Germany.

      Since 2013 Vision Ears is set out to develop the world’s most perfect In-Ear systems. All models are crafted in Cologne, Germany and blend outstanding performance with breathtaking design. The AURA is a perfect statement of this philosophy, the sophisticated yet …