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MunroSonic EGG100 is a British designed and British made audiophile studio monitoring system which also works brilliantly as a desktop system or as a hifi in smaller rooms

Near-field monitors should, by definition, remain unaffected by room size and acoustic conditions but this is rarely the case. Typically, small, rectangular cabinets and a horizontal focus plane create diffraction and reflections that interfere with both frequency and phase, both of which adversely affect stereo imaging and mix accuracy. The EGG100 has a variable tilt base that allows perfect adjustment of the upward angle of the listening axis, so avoiding interfering reflections from the mixing console or desk surface.

This has enabled us to make a supremely efficient speaker system - the phase coherent bass energy results in up to 6dB low frequency headroom - which means they pack a lot of punch for such small speakers. You’ll be amazed!

The system comes complete with a separate control unit and amplifier which features passive analogue crossovers, LF and HF trim pot EQ for location set-up, and a superb Class-A headphone amplifier, which alone is worth the cost of the control unit.

The EGG100, as with all MunroSonic products, is designed and manufactured in the UK by Munro Acoustics and Sonic Distribution and BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certified. The result is an exceptionally well-built, elegant and sonically purist piece of wholly British engineering

· Unique monocoque shell construction (rigid and resonant neutral)

· Near zero diffraction interference (smooth frequency response)

· No internal standing waves (greatly reduced smearing)

· Perfect bass port integration (superb transient response)

· Free standing control unit and integrated amplification with 3m matched speaker cables

· Volume Level control and LED headroom indicator

· Class-A headphone amplifier

· Custom-designed speaker holder for adjustable vertical alignment (allows for perfect sweet   spot in both vertical and horizontal planes)

· Precision trim pots for bass (LF) and High Frequency (HF) calibration

MunroSonic EGG100 £1299

The EGG100 follows the unique design of the EGG150 analogue monitor, with the system consisting of a pair of EGG speakers and a separate amplifier and control unit designed for true nearfield use on a desktop or console surface.

The amplifier is a dual-channel 120-watt circuit and operates as a single stereo amp. Each channel has a THD+N value of 0.03% at a rating of 30W/channel, which the power supply is nominally rated at. The signal-to-noise ratio is rated at 97dB at 1W, meaning the dynamic range is 112dB at 30W.

The amplifier is equipped with a headphone amp, which is our own design using a classic Class A configuration. The power output is limited using a feed-back loop to 1W to avoid ear damage, while distortion is extremely low, so low in fact, that we can’t even measure it!

Technical Specifications

EGG Speakers

Custom-Designed Amplifier Control Unit

MunroSonic EGG100

£ 1299.00



MunroSonic EGG100 MunroSonic EGG100 amplifier