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Image Audio History

By  Adam Rackham, Chief Designer at Image Audio

I have always had a great interest in quality sound reproduction and originally worked as a sound engineer in a London based recording studio. It was there I gained experience in how instrumentation could be captured, controlled and reproduced through quality loudspeakers. I then moved on to freelance sound engineering and speaker design, building customized studio monitors and working on room acoustics. This naturally progressed into working on peoples homes and that is when I realised it just wasn’t practical to put a large pair of floor standing speakers in somebody’s beloved living room. The only options available were subwoofer and satellite systems, ceiling or in-wall speakers and slim on-wall designs and all of them didn’t come close to producing the kind of full, crisp, quality sound that you get from great studio monitors.  

That is when I came up with Image Audio. There was no point in making another in-wall speaker or a picture that is also a speaker, this was already done. The idea was to build a great sounding speaker based upon top quality studio monitor designs and fit it in a proper bass reflex wooden cabinet that could be hidden behind an acoustic canvas print. Although the design had to be slim the cabinet could be made wide and tall, allowing for the correct enclosure volume and ports located at the base. The main issue was the bass driver, I wanted to use a powerful 8” top quality drive unit and all the top quality woofers are too deep to fit in a slim cabinet. So I turned to one of the best, if not the best speaker drive unit manufactures in the world, Morel. By modifying one of their top of the range studio drive units with new external voice coil and magnet technology I got the sound I wanted in a slim profile. Although another added cost, the bass driver was matched with a Morel tweeter, separated by a top quality Mundorf built crossover with M-CAP audio capacitors. The IA8 was born.

My new business partner Carl Knichel became the man behind the graphic design and printing.

We could offer a range of images from an online gallery as well as bespoke prints from customers artwork or photographs. Fellow enthusiasts loved the sound and their wives loved the idea of the speaker hidden by a picture of the children, but there was a downside. Starting a new British loudspeaker company at a time when UK speaker brands were being purchased by foreign companies and manufacturing was moving overseas was not a great business plan! So we decided to increase our possible customer base from just 2 channel Hi-Fi enthusiasts to also include the ever growing home theatre surround market. The IAC was developed using the same quality components, a powerful 300w RMS centre speaker that also delivered the detail and clarity demanded from a modern HD digital soundtrack. We also added the IA5, equally as musical as the IA8 but the smaller dimensions and exceptionally wide dispersion also made it ideal as a top quality surround sound speaker.

When you see how much effort goes into making a quality recording, the musicians instruments, microphone choice, processing and the skill of the producers and engineers, you don’t want to lose it all when it finally plays through a pair of loudspeakers. That’s what I believe, and if you can experience the music or soundtrack like it was intended to be heard from a pair of speakers that can’t even be seen, that’s got to be worth having.

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