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  1. MS

    Received mine within 48h and very happy with the product. Really excellent service from Audiologica, I fully recommend and will buy again.

  2. GA

    Superb product and excellent service from Richard who runs the shop, highly recommended!

  3. NW

    Great service.

  4. K

    These are the best speakers I’ve ever heard in my room and system. And believe me, I’ve heard plenty. Too many to list in fact but some of the popular alternatives were Kudos Titan 505, Borresen Z1 Cryo, Dynaudio Heritage Special, Audiovector R1 Arette and even the larger sibling the Harbeth SHL5+XD.

    On a heavy open frame rigid pair of wooden stands, these speakers have outperformed anything else and by a very noticeable margin. Their speed is second to none. I’m shocked to realise this as I’ve even had the formidable Naim SL2 speakers in my system which sound lightning quick but the Harbeths in the XD guise are every bit as nimble.

    The Harbs still have that midrange openness and resolving ability that really sets them apart from the competition but the XDs are definitely more articulate and neutral than the previous 40th Anniversary edition speakers. The bass is noticeably more nimble and accurate without ever sounding bloated but at the expense of a touch of warmth and extension.

    I should inform you that these speakers took a lengthy time to break in during which the tweeter had my attention for the wrong reasons. It was a little hot and edgy. However when the speakers are fully run in this becomes a smooth and extended treble that I absolutely love. I should mention that I absolutely love the AMT on the R1 arette speakers and the Borresen Z1. You get so much information and it’s all velvety smooth. The 30.2XD on the other hand exhibit much of this resolution perhaps even all of it but with a more “realistic” tone. I can imagine some people will disagree with me here as many regard AMTs to be the benchmark of tweeter sound. As amazing as it is, it didn’t sound as exciting or as realistic as the Harbeths. Yes on less than perfect recordings the Harbeths sound edgy whereas the Borresens or the AudioVector speakers never do but this results in a more realistic presentation from the Harbs. The attack of the treble in some songs is absolutely necessary and the AMTs can sometimes sound a little polite here.

    When comparing the Harbs to the Kudos Titan 505, (i’ve even heard the Super 20A btw which I preferred to the Titans) I was easily drawn to the XDs. The Kudos 505 has more definition in the bass through to the treble. However, I think because of the inert design on the speaker cabinets everything was very hard edged and closed in. The music did not escape the speakers anywhere near as well as the Harbs. In addition to this the treble was too glaring with my system. The Super 20As performed better than the 505s in my system with amazing bass extension and soundstage but again that tweeter was a little to excited for my taste.

    I could continue with my comparisons but I’ll close by saying that after two years of trying to better the 30.2XDs, I couldn’t do it and bought another pair of 30.2XDs having previously sold the original pair. I wanted to move away from them to explore more speakers and sample all the different designs but ultimately none of the designs I tried could provide the satisfaction of the 30.2XDs.

    System; Vertere MG1, Grado Red.3 High output, SW1X LPU2 SPECIAL, CEC TLOX, MacBook Pro (Audirvana), Abbas USB Convertor, SW1X DAC 3 BALANCED, Naim 552DR, 500Dr.

  5. G

    Service from Richard is always brilliant and a real pleasure. The gadgetry is stunning and received promptly and safely. Would recommend