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Showing all 6 results

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    Final Audio B2


    Final  Audio B2

    The Final Audio B2 is a high-resolution earphone with a delicate and nuanced sound, beautifully constructed and at a price that belies its superior quality.

    Sound design with consideration to the relationship between the spatial impression and dynamic range of music as well as the physical characteristics of earphones and headphones

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    Final Audio B3

    Final  Audio B3

    The Final Audio B3 all-about clarity and dynamic-range, a superb earphone at a very reasonable price for the money, it is also very comfortable for long listening sessions.

    The B3 model was designed with particular emphasis on clarity. It caters to those who wish to have the delicate sound of each musical instrument delivered gorgeously …

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    Final Audio B1

    Final  Audio B1

    The Final Audio B1 is all about clarity and detail, creating a crystal-clear sonic image in the head of the listener and all for a very reasonable price!

    Sound design with consideration to the relationship between spatial impression and dynamic range of music, and physical characteristics of earphones and headphones. Clarity of vocals and each …

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    Final Audio A8000

    Final  Audio A8000
    Final Audio A8000 is a high-end audiophile earphone it’s beautifully designed and sounds fantastic!

    Merging tried and tested knowledge and technologies, the A8000 benefits from Final’s subjective stance of creating the best possible audio. Armed with a special single dynamic driver inserted in a precision-machined stainless steel chassis, the A8000 is suitable for a wide range of …

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    Final D8000 audiophile headphones

    Final D8000

    A planar magnetic model with a lightweight vibration system
    and superior reproduction of high frequencies – as is, the employment of AFDS expands the reproduction frequency band with a bass bias, and makes the use of breathable earpads possible. Compared to the conventional planar magnetic model,with which tightly sealed earpads had to be used to supplement bass …

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    Final D8000 Pro audiophile headphones

    Final D8000 Pro

    The Final D8000 Pro is a superb advanced planar magnetic headphone it’s beautifully built and sounds absolutely sublime!

    The human auditory characteristic by which low frequency range becomes easier to hear as sound volume increases has also been taken into consideration when tuning the D8000 Pro. As …