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    Gallo Micro

    Anthony Gallo Micro @ Audiologica, great quality and performance from a mighty mini marvel of a loudspeaker

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    Gallo Micro SE

    Uprated drivers on the Anthony Gallo Micro SE take it to new heights, superb performance from a tiny speaker

    Enclosed in our world renowned spherical enclosures, the result is a set of compact satellite speakers that sound incredible, with a vivid, crystal-clear 3-D sound stage


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    Gallo Strada 2

    Gallo Strada 2 @ Audiologica, stunning sound and stunning looks, the Strada 2 offers it all in a compact and stylish package

    With updated driver technologies and a new drive circuit for the proprietary CDT 3 tweeter, the Strada 2 also has a recalibrated dispersion/wave launch pattern as well as the OPT (Optimized Pulse Technology) system …

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    Gallo Droplet Micro

    Gallo Droplet Micro, high quality sound and high performance from a mighty mini marvel of a loudspeaker

    Stylish pendant version of the classic Micro design – the original small high-end loudspeaker.

    Featuring a 4” all-metal spherical enclosure, 3” custom-designed driver and redesigned terminal area.

    Supplied with 2m of speaker cable and ceiling rose kit (includes both black and white ceiling rose …

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    Gallo A’Diva

    Gallo A’Diva @ Audiologica, the big brother of the Micro delivers a big sonic performance from a compact orb

    A’Diva shares a version of Anthony Gallo’s acclaimed 3″ drive unit (as used in the Nucleus Micro and Strada) and can be mixed and matched with other Gallo speakers in a home cinema set-up. The A’Diva for …