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German Physiks Unlimited MkII at Audiologica - truly outstanding loudspeakers in every area, they challenge the boundaries of traditional speaker design with astonishing results

Impedance : 4 ohms

Frequency Response  : 32– 24,000Hz

Power Handling: Nominal  110W, Short term 170W


Amplification required : Minimum 90W/4 ohms


Crossover frequency:  200Hz


Crossover slopes:

DDD section

6dB/octave electronic & 18dB/octave acoustic

Woofer section

18dB/octave electronic & 18dB/octave acoustic


Sensitivity:   88dB for 1W at 1m


Operating principle:  2-way loudspeaker with 360° surround radiation using the German Physiks DDD driver


Input connectors:  1 set of binding posts


Drivers:  1 x Carbon fibre DDD driver,  1 x 8-inch woofer


Finish: Acoustic vinyl in satin finish white, black, light grey or dark brown


Dimensions:  240 mm W x 1050 mm H x 240 mm D

9.5” W x 41.3” H x 9.5” D

 Weight:  28.9 kg, 63.7lbs


Warranty:  5 years

German Physiks Unlimited 2

German Physiks Unlimited 2

The Unlimited MK II is a purist design. It provides the famous German Physiks trademark dynamics, transparency and musicality, but at a new lower price point. It is exceptional value for money and makes the unique enjoyment that German Physiks loudspeakers can provide available to a much bigger audience. The Unlimited MK II uses a single carbon fibre DDD driver and a downward firing 8-inch woofer

Stylishly Simple Design

Not only is the Unlimited MK II an exceptionally good sounding loudspeaker, it is also our design statement. The design is intended to be both elegant and simple, so that it blends into its surroundings rather than draws attention to itself. We want the listener’s attention to be concentrated entirely on the music.

To preserve the Unlimited MK II’s clean appearance, we have deliberately not put our logo on the front of the cabinet. Attention to fine detail extends to the back of the cabinet, where we have selected titanium finish loudspeaker terminals, which better match the solid colour finishes we are using. Although these cost more than the equivalent gold finish terminals, we were not prepared to compromise: even on parts you would not normally see.

The Unlimited MK II’s cabinet footprint is only 24cm by 24cm (9.5” x 9.5”), so it takes very little space on the listening room floor. The cabinet itself is covered with a high quality acoustic vinyl. This has a satin textured finish and is available in white, grey, black and dark brown. These colours will match a wide variety of interiors. This finish is also extremely durable and will withstand knocks and bumps that would damage conventional wood or paint finishes.

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